Sunday, August 7, 2022

 Confirmation # 20

Japan Mega Quake Tsunami to California, Prophecy Countdown Signs

In confirmation 14, I list several signs God has personally shown me, as a countdown, pointing to the date September 12th, 2022, but the list of signs here are beyond personal signs. 

These signs are physical manifestations, all pointing to September 12th. In the commercial world, we have all kinds of 180, 120, 90, 60 and 30 day notices. These are God given notices supernaturally manifesting as a countdown, that time is running out on Japan and California for these mega quake/tsunami prophecies to fulfill.

8 Countdown Signs to 9/12
(24 hr variable applies)

8 - 9 Month Notice
God gave me a word on this
"Conception", to the birth of these prophecies. Biggest storm of the year hits California

7 -  180 Day Notice 
7.4 Japan Earthquake
on 3/16 to 9/12 is 180 days

Reported as the most significant
earthquake this year

6 -  120 Day Notice
Blood red Moon on 5/16 to 9/12 is 120 days

They said the longest duration of the blood red moon was on the US west Coast and peaked at 9:11pm there, where Japan tsunami is prophesied to hit.

9:11PM > 911 Emergency Alert!

5 -  90 Day Notice 
Japanese Yen crashes to 24 year low
on 6/14 to 9/12 is 90 days

And look at this headline I woke up to
on that day! 
How Prophetic for when the tsunami hits!

4 - 60 Day Notice
Fresh new crash, all time low of the Yen +
massive Japan CV Spike, peaked
on 7/14, to 9/12 is 60 days

3 - 50 Day Notice 
 Japan Volcano Eruption
on 7/24 to 9/12 is 50 days

50, the # of jubilee - A jubilee is a reset
and its going to be explosive.

2 - 40 Day Notice
Wide spread Japan flood destruction
on 8/3 is 40 days to 9/12

And in case of any doubts,
this was no small flood event!!

(40 days and floods, like in the days of Noah)

1 -  30 Day Notice - 8/13/22 edit
Tropical Storm Meari Hits Tokyo

And T.S. Meari couldn't have hit at a better place and time, on 8/13 in the heart of Japan, Tokyo!

So now, this makes 8 prophetic signs here, all God timed as signs to 9/12/22. 

By these incredible external signs manifesting, we see the countdown to 9/12/22.

Give God the glory. There is no shortage of warning signs to us, to be on watch for these prophecies to fulfill.

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